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Doc. Id 101372

عمان محكمة December 2005 Article in Journal

Doc. Id 101363

Author(s): حسن بدوح
الجزائر محكمة June 2018 Article in Journal Alalama

Doc. Id 101362 The Influence of Arabic Language Learning on Understanding of Islamic Legal Sciences--A Study in the Sultan Idris Education University

This study aims to illustrate the function of Arabic Language as a tool serves the Islamic Legal Sciences in the Sultan Idris Education University, by a questionnaire was disseminated among the students of Arabic Language to declare the efforts of Sultan Idris Education University in this field, especially within issues relate to understanding the Quran, its interpretation, and Islamic Legal Provisions.

محكمة January 2018 Article in Journal International Education Studies

Doc. Id 101360

This research aims at shedding light on the importance of curriculum in teaching Arabic to non-Arabs as she has noticed the presence of a great number of (books), written by non-Arabs, in this field. Besides, she noticed that many institutions have put in a great deal of genuine efforts to teach Arabic Language.

محكمة 2015 Article in Journal

Doc. Id 101345 Developing Languages to Face Challenges of Globalization and Clash of Civilizations: Arabic Language as an Example

This study aimed at questioning the ability of Arabic language to assimilate the different cultures facing the cultural challenges due to globalization and clash of civilizations.

Toronto محكمة May 2018 Article in Journal Journal of Education and Learning

Doc. Id 101344 Developing Interactive Multimedia CD-Based Teaching Materials for Teaching Arabic Skill at Arabic Education Department of Islamic State University Sunan Ampel Surabaya

The development of interactive multimedia CD-based teaching materials is urgent because the learning process in the Arabic Education Department is not 100% done as expected.

Kalimantan Timur محكمة December 2018 Article in Journal Dinamika Ilmu

Doc. Id 101337

This study aims to examine the educational competencies necessary for teachers of Arabic as a second language in the light of standard qualities related to planning, implementation and evaluation, from the experts' point of view.

الجزائر محكمة December 2016 Article in Journal Dirassat & Abhath The Arabic Journal of Human and Social Sciences

Doc. Id 101331

Problems of Teaching Literature Arabic learners of Other Languages Speakers for General purposes Abstract The research aims to introduce the Problems of teaching Literature tor Arabic learners of other languages speakers from the perspective of teachers.

حمص محكمة January 2017 Article in Journal مجلة جامعة البعث للعلوم الانسانية

Doc. Id 101327 Structure of entries in the monolingual dictionary for the non arabophones: Case study of the fundamental dictionary of Arabic language

Arabic lexicography still suffers from several problems that make its obstacles during the process of developing data dictionaries. It hinders those who use it.

محكمة December 2017 Article in Journal El-Tawassol

Doc. Id 101326

Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers between the obsession of theorizing and obstacles to application This article is in the field of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, a field that still needs great efforts, especially since Arabic is facing nowadays the challenges of globalization that imposes its conditions and standards on the languages of the world namely those that do not own factors of power.

محكمة December 2018 Article in Journal alugha wa aladeb

Doc. Id 101325

The Arabic language is considered one of the most spreading languages in the world, for it is the language of the Holy Koran.

المسيلة محكمة March 2017 Article in Journal Cahiers du laboratoire la poétique algérienne

Doc. Id 101323

Résumé: L'étude vise à faire la lumière sur un des phénomènes culturels et sociaux, qui est le phénomène de tabou linguistique, et sa relation avec l'apprentissage de la langue arabe aux non-locuteurs natifs, l'étude examine le phénomène dans son concept et les dimensions de linguistique, sociale, et les zones et les tendances à traiter, et la présence de celui-ci dans les livres de l'enseignement arabe aux locuteurs non natifs.

محكمة December 2016 Article in Journal

Doc. Id 101322 Students’ Perceptions Of The Arabic Language Curriculum

This study is an investigation of students’ perceptions of the Arabic language curriculum used across Senior Secondary Schools in Lagos State.

محكمة June 2016 Article in Journal International Journal of Innovative Research and Advanced Studies (IJIRAS)

Doc. Id 101296 The Appropriate Age to Launch Teaching a Foreign Language in the Public Education

Since determination of an appropriate age to launch teaching a foreign language into the national education system is one of the sensitive hard issues that faces most ministries of education across the globe, this study contributes to shed lights on the decision-makers' choice to choose the class most appropriate to embark on teaching English language in the governmental Saudi schools.

دمشق محكمة 2011 Article in Journal